“My work is not only to make communication media, but to address my clients’ unique and specific needs : What does my customer want ? Who is the target audience ? My goal is always to use strong design to create consistency between the product and the message my customer wants to communicate.”

portrait_bb Graduate from the Art School of Vevey (Switzerland) where I trained as a decorator, I worked in the profession for a few years. Thinking that my creativity was a bit narrowed in that field, I rapidly turned back to my initial ambitions : graphic design.

After spending a lot of free time back teaching myself graphic softwares and do free-lance work, I had the opportunity to work for fgdesign, a graphics agency in the Lausanne region (Switzerland). During the four years I spent in this company, I acquired excellent experience in graphic processes (from project to press). During this time, I also gradually turned myself to web design.

In the end of summer 2005, I started my own business. I also taught part-time for a semester in 2006 to multimedia designers students at ERACOM (School of Art and Communication, Lausanne, Switzerland). My course was focused on ergonomy in graphic, web and interactive cd-rom.

End September 2006, I left Switzerland to go to New York City. I went on with my services for my Swiss relations, together with new contracts with US customers.

Since January 2010, I came back to Switzerland.

Out of my professional activity, I play music and enjoy lots of other things that inspire me…